Top 3 Lessons About Pixel Car Racer Review To Learn Before You Hit 30

Top 3 Lessons About Pixel Car Racer Review To Learn Before You Hit 30

The Way to Choose the Best Car Racing Console

Pixel Car Racer Information:

If you are looking for a drag racing game with a lot of customizations, automobiles and pixelated images, Pixel Car Racer is the sport for you! Pixel Car Racer is a game for people who want a drag game with vehicles, heaps and heaps of personalization choices, pixelated graphics and easy to learn controls. Pixel Car Racer is a realistic drag simulator which lets you drag race your favourite cars from AI controlled opponites (which can be rather challenging). By Superchargers to Turbos, you can equip your favourite parts or to raise the rate of your vehicle/s. With endless customizations you can turn your pile of junk.

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By far one of the best drag racing simulator games on the market. The graphics , the art style , the unlimited quantity of customization ... This is honestly paradise for car fans. This match is always being updated, so new stuff comes out.

This game is SO addicting ... and the cool thing is that it is FREE. Honestly congratulations for making such a game, to the founder! I recommend this to everybody!

My Suggestions:

I have a lot of idea/s I want them to add in Pixel Car Racer, such as parts, vehicles and more. But I want them to add an online multiplayer mode, where you are able to play with your friends. It gets rather VS bots after a time, therefore adding multiplayer could benifit the community and the game at an excellent way.


My number one tip for Pixel Car Racer would be to use your xp points/tokens for cash upgrades untill you get to lvl 40. Start to upgrade your xp.

Other Information:

- Ages: 10+

- Price: Free (In app purchases my vary in cost)

- Creator/s: Studio Furukawa

- Game Type: Racing


Within this mode, you are free to drive around a street with a number of other cars. Street races could be initiated by pulling up beside a vehicle and pressing the shift light on the center of your dashboard. A crown icon will appear above the automobile and a 25 second timer will begin.

You will have to switch lanes to avoid them while attempting to conquer your opponent, as there are different vehicles on the road. A red exclamation mark will be shown on the side of the screen when there is in the lane. This is sometimes used before they come on display, to avoid obstacles. These indicators are ineffective at rates that are higher because the warning will not give you enough time, although useful. The only solution for this is to slow down.

You will be rewarded if you are beforehand whenever the timer finishes. If you're not, nothing occurs. When a race has been completed like in other modes the game doesn't end. You can continue to race other cars.


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